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Martine & Justin

Martine is married to Justin Kelsey, her husband of 13 years, and are the proud parents to their son Josiah. Together, Martine & Justin are a dynamic team who have served various ministries and churches while touring across Canada and throughout the USA. They serve with a  mandate to bridge the gap between generations while fanning a flame of passion across the nation. Martine and Justin hold steadfast to the belief that Canada's time is now!

Martine is a singer/song writer, an ordained worship pastor (Victory Churches International) and recording artist, who's music can be heard on Christian radio stations across Canada. Her music/vocals have also been captured by some of the best in the music industry, including Grammy & Juno Award producer Nick Blagona, who's portfolio includes: Sting, The Police and the Goo Goo Dolls. This has led to recognition by a plethora of award & music entities such as the East Coast Music Awards, Covenant Awards / Gospel Music Awards-CAN, the Mercy Awards and even the David Foster Foundation. Though Martine has had many amazing experiences in her music career, including performing on national television (100 Huntley Street), her heart focus is to lead God's people into worship. "Once you've encountered the very presence of Almighty, you are ruined. There's nothing like it in this whole world. My heart's desire is for every person to experience His tangible presence; that's where we are made whole."  - Martine Kelsey

Justin is a speaker, an ordained pastor (Victory Churches International), and event planner/promoter who has had the opportunity to work with some amazing churches and organizations such as: World Vision, Cup of Cold Water and Harvest House Atlantic, among others.

Justin is also a professional drummer and has had the opportunity to partner with inspiring talents such as:

ARTISTS: Grammy Award Rapper Fresh IE, Corey Pelley (USA), Chelsea Amber, Steve Williams, Maria (and more)

SPEAKERS: Nicky Cruz, Tommy Tenney, Tony Miller, Dr. Lennett Anderson, Drs. George & Hazel Hill (and more)

"My heart burns to see the body of Christ come together with one voice at such a time as this." - Justin Kelsey

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